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Acropolis Now / adj. the feeling that Western civilization is collapsing around us like a temple bombed by B-52s.

​​Aladdin's lumpen n. the ragged proletariate of Arabia, esp.  young males. cf refugeehadi

anomalie  /  n.    any observation that puts you at odds with the Official Story.

AntiFaux n.  larpers who believe they can stop the spread of fascism by becoming fascists.

ant drama / a story where something turns into its exact opposite.
antisocial median. a wondrous digital realm where you fight bitterly all day with your so-called friends.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Arjuna momentn. the instant you realize you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.

art class / n. the tribe of humans who are able to draw well at birth.


bell curve jar / n. claustrophobic reaction of females trapped inside a male demographic.

Berlin Walmart / n. what's in store when a planned economy collapses.

big T.O.E. / n.  a Theory of Everything  (mine is AWESOME!)
blank state n. the odd belief that governments can be apolitical.
blind spat
n.  an argument where neither side can see the other's point.

bluck / n. beginner's luck of the sort that won Trump the 2016 election.

Brave New Animal Farm / n. the industrial-scale torture of sentient beings.

bread & circuitryn. combination of capitalism and computers that resulted in the ultimate weapon of mass distraction, antisocial media.


cardinal sin / n. the error of reducing everything to numbers. cf Steven Pinker.

case warfare /n. the strategic application of case to class, e.g., "Most rapists are men, therefore most men are rapists."
children of a lesser bod / n. the class of humans who fail to reproduce due to low attractiveness







​​​Christmas mourning / n. postmodern feeling that life's rich pageant has been tainted with buyers' remorse (fr.Fredric Jameson).

chumpsky / n. a left-leaning academic who uses logic to prove his shit doesn't stink (fr. Noam Chomsky).

Civilization And Its Malcontents n. the book Freud should have written about why the good life breeds bad character.

concentration campus  / n. state-controlled re-education facility, e.g. kindergarten or college. 
cornfielding / v.  the act of wishing things you don't like away into negative space (fr. Twilight Zone episode It's A Good Life).
Crucifiction /n. the theory that the Crucifixion was faked, like the moon landing.

cthonic boomn. the soundless crash that accompanies the collapse of a cultural barrier.
cultn. short for culture.


dada /  n. the surreal art of modern fatherhood.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​dark webster /  n. a member of the Intellectual Dark Web, or IDW.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​deaf spot  /  n.  biological hard-of-hearing when women say something funny or men cry out for help.

Decline of the Western n. the demise of Hollywood's dream factory as a source of moral instruction (fr. Spengler).

decolonization n. the painful process of getting your head out of your ass.












delugionn. a religious conviction that a wrathful deity will soon send a great flood to destroy the unrighteous.

demagooglery n. the art of swaying the masses through social media. cf  bread and circuitry

devoutline / n. the chalk line we drew around God's corpse. cf God-shaped hole.

Dissociated Press /n. subjective journalism, the mainstay of bread & circuitry.

distaff infection / n. a mental contagion that spreads through female channels.


empathological / adj. one who takes empathy to pathological extremes. cf covidiot.






Endarkenment / v. & n. a counterbalance to the Enlightenment, often mislabeled Romanticism and marked by the growing shadow that inevitably results from striding t'wards the light of Reason. 

e-malen. a man-child who finds offline existence overwhelming.

eusocialist / n. one who craves the false security of the hive mind.


fact chuckers n. those who throw objective reality under the bus cf Snopes

false unconsciousnessn. confusion that results from trying to rewrite the unwritten rules of culture.
feminist n. one who believes all genders are equal.

femmunist / n. one who believes some genders are more equal than others.

First Suppern. the origin of class consciousness in the breakdown of the alpha male mindset.
foolcrum /  n. a point used to pivot from one daft argument to another.

futilitarian n.  a true believer in nihilism.



Game of Thrownness /  n. the human condition as described by the Two Martins (George & Heidegger).







gayTED community n.  a shining city  of ideas where elites can avoid the hoi polloi.

grapht / corrupt presentation of visual data.

guilty party / n. a potlach celebrating white guilt.



Gulag Archibunker n. a mental prison where the angry old white men who elected Trump and Obama are sequestered. Antipodes of the gayTED community.


Haidt speech / n. any YouTube lecture by moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt.

Handless Maid's Tale n. Jungian interpretation of Margaret Atwood's fantasy world where men control women's reproductive rights.
horse before Descartes / n. our long-lost pre-Enlightenment animal natures.

hateriot / n. one who does not love his country so much as hate foreigners.













Hume in actionn. whereby standard economic theory gets the business end of Hume's Fork, courtesy of Mises, Rothbard et al.

Hume FATSO.jpg


iDollatry / n. a preference for sex dolls over actual women.

I Dream of Gini Coefficient / n. Western variant of Aladdin's Lumpen.

iGen / n. the class of humans who entered their teens the year iPhones arrived.

immoral panic n. social unrest stoked for political gain.

innersectional theory / n. my crazy notion that Marxism is missing its insides.

interior dasein / n. Heidegger and innersect-ional theory - together at last!

InYourFacebook / n. the new Panopticon, built and maintained by We, The People.













Invincible Boy / n.  male weakness often mistaken for a super power












​​Invisible Girln. female super power often mistaken for a weakness.

invisible hand jobn. Freud's pleasure principle employed as a tool of social control.

iron man v. to assail only the strongest aspect of an opponent's argument. {also steel man]



Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself (just sayin').

Jenny McCarthyism /n. a hysterical reaction to the painful truths of science.

Joan of Arkangeln. Greta Thunberg, shrill voice of the progressively unhinged.

​Joseph Campbell Soup / n. 57 varieties of religious experience. Delicious!


kayfabulousadj. the post-truth world as a pro wrestler might describe it (fr. Eric Weinstein)
kroolaid / n. financial assistance that cripples the recipient, e.g., welfare or student loans.



Larry, Curly & Mo'hammadn. the People of the Book (Jews,  Christians and Muslims) as the rest of the world sees us.

learnèd helplessness / n. mental paralysis suffered by those who know too much.



Leftwaffe  n. a brood of totalitarian cuckoos bent on hijacking the noble traditions of the Left.

like-minded adj.  said of those who hit the 'like' button without reading the post.

LGBTQAnon n. nothing to see here. Move along.

lonely gunman / n. a manchild driven to violence by social exclusion.


ma'amsplaining v. when a woman explains a man's own feelings to him.

Mandela defect /  n. a bizarre side effect of not being able to think in pictures.


Man And His Cymbals n. the unfortunate male tendency to 'steal the show'.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MatriPatriarchyn. a culture with a crunchy patriarchal shell and a soft chewy matriarchal centre, e.g. the modern West.

#MeToo / n. abbreviation of "Me Too Pretty To Take Responsibility For My Actions". 

metopia / n.  a perfect world where everything comes up roses for Yours Truly.

military industrial cineplex n. the combination of firepower, technology and entertainment that backs up  the West's  Official Story.
missiah complex / n. said of a woman determined to save her man, regardless of the cost to the rest of us.



nanoaggression / n. a one-millionth of a microaggression.

​​​​​nervous breakthrough /  n. when you lose your mind, then find it again, and it works better than before.

Neo-Marx Brothers / n. woke beta bros who think they want to smash the Patriarchy but actually just want to get laid.





















Othering Heights / n. the surreal estate of those born both privileged and othered.







​​​overstandingv. understanding something to death, in the style of Sam Harris.















patter recognition /  n. the ability to sense that someone is reading from a script in their head.

peer review pressure /  n. force that  corrupts the scientific method through groupthink.

pluralistic ignoramus /  n. someone who thinks everyone else is even stupider than they are.

Prime Time Directive / n. the Progressive moral injunction to DO NO HARM, as promulgated by Hollywood over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

Pyrrhic defeatn. a minor loss that brings about a major victory, such as the 2016 election vis-a-vis #MeToo.

Psy op ed / n. the sort of journalism the Washington Post excells in. 



Queer'an / n. the holy writ of gender activists, which must not be questioned upon pain of death.

quantum McCaanicsn. a Celtic variant of quantum theory.






















raindrop / n. a snowflake, as soon as you turn up the heat.

rebel without a cosmos / n. a youth activist with no clue as to how the world works. cf social justice warbler, Joan of Arkangel.

refugeehadi n. one who moves to a new country and starts blowing shit up.
ringxiety n. the feeling that a phone is ringing somewhere and you have to answer it, but you can’t find it, and you can't relax, and it's terrible, and it goes on and on forever and ever and ever.

Road to Surfdom n.  the painful process through which surfing teaches self-reliance (fr. Friedrich Hayek).

rogain /n. benefit from listening to Joe Rogan. 

River Styx n.  stream-of-consciousness political analysis that flows nightly from the mouth of Tarl Warwick.




Russian Quillette / n. a dangerous game where scientists risk their careers by publishing in Quillette magazine.



screwtiny / n. the awkward feeling that the whole damn planet knows about your sex life.




selfing / v. the act of projecting one's values onto  someone who does not share them. [ANTONYM of othering]

shamin' /  n. online character who wields shame like a witch doctor's rattle to control others.

sheconomicsn.  the study of social capital.
social justice warbler /n. wannabe world- saver whose activism is limited to a chorus of Tweets.
















Soviet collective unconscious / n.  Marx's disatrous attempt to create man in his own image.
Summery execution / n. termination without cause (fr. Larry Summers).

statuary rape / n. the defilement of historical monuments for political ends.

system of checks and bounces /n. the process through which a prosperous nation cripples itself with debt.


















The Day The Left Stood Stilln. a 2016 horror/sci-fi movie Rachel Maddow thinks she starred in.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​trans pipeline / n. a social conduit that leads from normal teenage confusion to genital mutilation.


Tiananmen squares / n. just desserts for dissidents. Why settle for a  Nanaimo bar when you could have a Tiananmen square?  

Twitlern. one who invokes Godwin’s Principal a priori, esp. by Tweet.


#U2 / n. the weaponization of sexual guilt that created Al Frankenstein's Monster.

uncanny valley girl n.  an almost-convincing trans woman, e.g. Blaire White.

​​unidiversity degreen. the degree to which diversity excludes freedom of thought.

​​Universal Basic Outcome / n. {ABBR. UBO}     the grim results of Marxist economic theory, every fucking time.








victimbits n. delectable morsels of pain prized by those who enjoy feeling hard done by.

virtual signalling / v. any online activity undertaken to showcase one's high moral fibre content.


Walter Benjamin button / n. an off-switch located on the back of Karl Marx's head.

wedgislation / n. a bill proposed by elites that sets the dispossessed against each other.

White Knights in Satin / n.  heartbreaking ballad about a beta male sent into battle sans armour.

Windows 33AD /  n. the operating system of the postmodern soul, badly in need of an upgrade.
womb-to-prison pipelinen.  Black Matriarch Theory in action.

wuman / n. the dark Oedipal mother whose avatar is the evil Empress Wu.


x-factor / n. the ground state of being human.

X-wife / n. estranged baby-mama with the power of the state at her disposal.


y- factorn. the excited state of being human.

y-not? / n. the seditious notion that men should be accorded emotional rights, or rather 'lefts'.


zygoatn. one with a hard-headed conviction that life begins at conception, or doesn't.

zyzekgyn. mental parallax, caused by marginalization, that yields unexpected insights (fr. cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek).