bluck / bluk / n. beginner's luck, of the kind that won Trump the 2016 election.

Watching Trump prevail in the general election of 2016 reminded me of Matias Rust, the young German aeronaut who breached the Iron Curtain at the depth of the Cold War.

To do this he had to penetrate the most ferociously-defended airspace in history, where thousands of nukes sat on hair triggers and as many as a million soldiers manned the radar screens.

Bluck was in the air alongside Rust's single-engine Cessna. It was May 28th, a national holiday for the Red Army, who were drunk as landords. The Cessna was mistaken for a flock of geese, then a rescue helicopter, then an oil slick. He reached Red Square hours after city workers had dismantled overhead cables that would have made landing impossible.

It's difficult to avoid the idea that some greater power was a play; and that power is not supernatural, but bluck, which lies at the heart of the Western quest.