​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​dark webster / dark webster / n. a member of the Intellectual Dark Web, or IDW (Eric Weinstein).

THE DARK WEB is the new gulag.

By gulag I mean that vast prison system described in Solzhenitsyn's novel The First Circle, a title cribbed from Dante's Inferno, where virtuous pagans like Socrates and Plato are sequestered in the near-tolerable outskirts of Hell.

In the novel, intellectuals who question Marxist ideology are sequestered in near-tolerable regions of the gulag called sharashkas. In real life those who question Progressive ideology are banished to what Eric Weinstein calls the 'Intellectual Dark Web', or IDW.

IDWs are supposedly contrarian, so you'd expect them to  disagree with each other, like conspiracy nuts at Comic-Con. Yet their various heresies show remarkable consilience. How come?

And what's with all the Canucks? Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad, Janice Fiamengo, Stefan Molyneux. . . for a circle formed in Joe Rogan's California basement its intellectual centre of gravity seems weighted far towards the Great White North. What gives?

To answer the first question I will explore not just the ideas of the IDW, but the connections between them, rendering it a web in the truest sense.

To answer the second I will draw parallels with that first great flowering of English thought, the Scottish Enlightenment - David Hume, Adam Smith, Thomas Bayes et al., who built the modern world, despite being sequestered far to the north of London amidst the tenements of Edinburgh, a sooty hell-hole where it rains a thousand days a year and all the women are whores.

Sorry. I went too far. Actually it's a lovely town, just a bit too rainy for me. And the food was crap until we got curry and kebabs in the 70s. Thank God for immigrants. But I digress.