empathological / empathalojikal / adj.  one who takes empathy to pathological extremes.

WHAT'S SO FUNNY about Peace, Love and Understanding? Let's start with Peace.

The peace sign symbolizes the olive branch God sent Noah when His genocidal rage against all of creation unexpectedly abated, making it an unlikely logo for the Left unless you think supernatural self-loathing is their defining trait, which is fair enough these days, although my mom taught me never to judge a man until I'd walked a mile in his crappy bargain-basement moccasins, and also never to judge a book by its cover, except for Paul Bloom's Against Empathy, which had me at Against.

"I might as well have called it Against Kittens," kvetched Bloom as the Leftwaffe attacked with literary bomb runs that brimmed with such vitriol it could have been bottled and sold to Somali refugees for thirty dollars a pop. "Books like Against Empathy make me viscerally angry," gnashed Nathan Robinson of Current Affairs, so I bought two copies, for reasons I explain in the podcast below.


Against Kittens